Sales lead generation is a process. It is a permission based results focused system. A solid lead referral network of people benefits commission salespeople in automobile sales, RV sales, and motor sport sales.

This article is for you if you want to create a dynamic sales lead generation network.

As a commission salesperson, regardless of the product or service you represent, your inventory is people.

You earn a commission when a consumer, business, charity, not-for-profit, or individual, buys from you. When the deal is inked, the paperwork processed and closed, you get paid.

The focus of this article is not about when or how your sales commission is deposited into your bank account. This paper addresses the single most important criteria when implementing a sales lead generation network process.

Step 1 - Permission

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Sales Lead Generation Process Start With Permission

Before implementing your sales lead generation process, a personal contact is a required.

You can map the overall sales lead generation process in any way that best suites you. But the very first action step must be a conversation with the contact.

Why is it necessary to chat with the contact before engaging them in your sales lead referral system? Can you not just start following up and let the contact opt-out if they are not interested?

Because that was a common practice in the past, today there are rules for any personal or digital follow up that is not first agreed upon by your contact. Plus, you absolutely don’t want anyone to report you as a spammer. That hurts both you and your email provider’s reputation, and possibly your company’s.

Additionally, the reason a personal contact is essential is because professional salespeople ensure any kind of follow up, before or after the sale, is permission based. Getting permission ensures the person is onboard and is expecting communication from you.

Personal Chat Essential Sales Lead Referral Process Tip

Scripts work. They worked in the past. They work today.

Before making your personal contact, it is recommended you have a solid outline of what you are asking for.

Whether in person or on the telephone, shape your message as a script. If on the phone, having a note before you that outlines the purpose of your call and what you want to say helps you stay focused. It ensures you address the key points.

If in person, your script ought to be like an elevator speech. Easily communicated in a few sentences. Easily understood by the listener. Easy to say yes to.

Sales Lead Generation Process Telephone Contact Sales Activity Tracking System Telephone Contact

Sales Lead Generation Elevator Speech

Whether in person or on the phone, after exchanging brief pleasantries, your invite to an existing satisfied customer to be a member of your sales lead referral network might sound something like this:

Note: if telephoning the contact always ask if this is a good time to chat. If it isn’t, call back later. Also, if you reach voice mail, leave your name and a message that you will call later.

Sample Telephone Script:

Hey Gail this is Greg. Am I catching you at a good time? [Yes.] Gail as a commission salesperson ensuring customers are satisfied is critical. In today’s world, to do that I need permission. No spam. Perhaps a quick email, text, maybe a greeting card. Just want to stay top-of-mind, ensure all is well.  Am I okay to check in from time-to-time?”

That’s it. Short. Easy. Concise.

Your tone of voice should be friendly. You are not selling. You are asking.

Elevator Speech When Finishing Up the Paperwork

For a sold customer, the best time for the ask is just after the paperwork is completed.

That chat could go something like this:

Gail, as a commission salesperson ensuring customers are satisfied is critical. In today’s world, to do that I need permission. No spam. Perhaps a quick email, text message, maybe a greeting card. Just want to stay top-of-mind, ensure all is well. Am I okay to check in from time-to-time?”

Same script. Just left out the reference to the to the call.

What if this is someone you are familiar with but not a customer? For example, someone you volunteer with or a member of a club you belong to.

Gail you know I am a commission salesperson. And you know referrals are important. In today’s world, to follow up with anyone I need permission. No spam. Perhaps a quick email, text message, maybe a greeting card from time-to-time. Just want to stay top-of-mind.  Am I okay to occasionally check in with you?”

Note the emphasis on the word ‘anyone’. This suggests to the person you are serious but not taking your relationship for granted. There is etiquette in place. You want to abide by it.

Sales Lead Generation Man Writing In Journal Sales Activity Tracking
Sales Lead Generation Keep a Record

Keep a Record Just In Case

In the unlikely event you need to provide proof that you have permission, keep a log of the date, time, and location, of when you had your chat and received permission.

It is rare, but on occasion people forget that they gave you permission to check in with them. The note will serve as a reminder.

Depending on the CRM service you have, you may be able to create a special note field to keep track of these in it. At minimum, create something on a spreadsheet or keep a journal.

Sales Lead Generation Process Summary

Whether you sell automobiles, sell RVs, or sell motor sport vehicles, when it comes to sales lead generation follow up, in today’s digital world, permission for any sort of ongoing follow up is required.

Preferably, whenever possible, ask for permission as you wrap up the paperwork. Alternatively, call the contact. An email or text request is less effective.

When making your call, a script is invaluable. It will keep you on track.

Keep your message short. An elevator speech is just that. A concise message that can be shared in the time an elevator goes up a few floors. Remember you are asking, not selling.

Keep a record of your conversation. It would be rare to be needed.