Lead Generation Strategies


Sales leads are the reward for deliberately farming a lead referral network. No exceptions. Deliberate means disciplined and daily.

Implementing a productive lead generation system increases selling opportunities. This results in more prospects, more sales, more commission.

This sales lead network would be a combination of existing customers and people who know, like, and trust you.

People who know, like, and trust you are more than customers. They include friends, family, and people you associate with on a regular basis. And yes, they include people you already sold.

People you associate with would be members of a club or association you belong to. Or perhaps an organization you volunteer with. Plus, networking groups.

As a commission salesperson, business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C), active participation in a networking group like BNI is a must.

Scheduling Referral Network Follow Up

Having a sales leads referral network requires some time investment.

This time investment is focused on keeping your network motivated and you top-of-mind.

A question often asked is “What is the frequency of follow ups to my sales lead referral network?

Sales Activity Tracking Sales Leads Crush Competetion

In my experience, best results are achieved when each referral sales leads contact receives a planned touch at least every 4-months. That’s only 3-times a year. Planned touch means over and above other coincidental communication or interaction.

Cultivating A Sales Referral Network Is All About Relationship

Every 4-months. This generally leads to two other questions.

  1. Wouldn’t contacts get upset with being hit on every 4-months?” and
  2. This sounds like a lot of work?

When people you have a relationship with see the common good in what you are inviting them to do, you will receive few refusals.

Additionally, the follow up touches build value and recognition. Most importantly, they are brief.

Plus, in your initial ask, you make it clear that the contact can opt-out at any time. No hassle. No hard feelings.

And what about it sounds like a lot of work?

The work is at the front-end. Specifically, when you have your system in place, done properly, you can set it on autopilot.

9 Ways to Get Sales Leads and Crush Your Competition

The following 9-tactics are best ways to get sales leads. There are other methods. Because of their ease of implementation and effectiveness, these top the list.

Ease of implementation means once you have your strategy mapped out, most of these 9-best ways to get sales leads tactics can be set on autopilot. Being able to set them up once, and come back occasionally to tweak them, means more time for you to do what really pays. That is, time in front of a prospective buyer.

Start with Personal Contact

The list is not in any order of priority. The exception is the first contact. It must be either a face-to-face or a phone call. This is always the first step in your get sales leads strategy.

Sales Activity Tracking Sales Leads Network
  • Video
  • Social Media
  • Podcast
  • Semi-Annual Social

Sales leads are the reward for deliberately farming a lead referral network.

Summary and Your Thoughts on Sales Leads Strategy

Best way to get sales leads as a commission salesperson is about building your inventory.

Regardless of the product or service you represent, as a commission salesperson your inventory is people.

It is not the cars on the lot, the shoes on the shelf, the widgets in the warehouse, the software as a solution, or service the people who employee you provide.

As a commission salesperson, your inventory is people.

No people to follow up with means no opportunities, no sales, no dollars in your bank account.

Having the physical products or service solutions you sell available is the responsibility of the folks who employ you.

You are accountable for moving those products or services to a consumer – business, charity, not -for-profit, or individual.

This means actively sourcing sales leads is not a fill-in-the time activity. It is a must do. It needs to be planned, prioritized, and tracked.

For best productivity, it needs to be a referral-based process that you can easily implement and manage. The suggested 9-ways to get sales leads does just that and more.